The Committee

The Committee meets every 6 weeks to talk all things club related.  If you have anything you’d like us to share or put forward at our meetings then please let us know! 

Chair – Jonathan White 

I’m Jonathan and I’m so happy to be the Chair of Reading Joggers.  I’ve been running for a few years now and joined the club in 2019.  I really like being part of a club which has a family feel.  My running has greatly improved over the years and so far the furthest distance I’ve run is a half marathon, but I aim to achieve longer distances in the future.  In my spare time I love to cycle, travel and experience new things. 

Secretary – Devina Worsley

I joined Reading Joggers in November 2021 having been recruited at my local parkrun.  Being a recreational runner and never having been a member of a running club before, I was somewhat apprehensive about joining one.  My fears and trepidations were unfounded.  Everyone has been very welcoming; it is a most friendly and supportive club. 

Treasurer – Wendy Roberts

I’ve been running on and off for 20 years but pretty much stopped a few years ago.  In January 2023 I joined Reading Joggers couch to 5k which was brilliant as it helped me build my confidence back and I’m now running regularly again.  I love a good spreadsheet but I also enjoy the social element and getting to know a great bunch of friendly and encouraging people! 

Membership Secretary – Chris Withers

I joined Reading Joggers in 2018 and it has made me far more aware of the fantastic running routes we have available in Tilehurst and the West of Reading. The weekly runs provide the opportunity to meet other runners and also discuss races and new challenges that everyone is undertaking.
I joined the committee in 2021 to take on the role of Membership Secretary so I’ll be the one who processes your membership related documents.

Club Kit Secretary – Finbarr Morley

Hi, I’m Fin, a very passionate parkrunner and a proud member of Reading Joggers since 2020.  I love the club’s friendly atmosphere and eye catching kit.  Definitely the best and best dressed club for miles around!  Just look for the blue and white bobble hats! 


Welfare Officer – Amy Baron

For me running is about enjoying the journey and being able to socialise with like minded individuals – Reading Joggers tick both of the boxes! Being part of such a wonderful club has empowered me to become a stronger person physically and mentally. I have met some incredible athletes who have pushed me to believe in myself and my abilities, which I hope in turn I have reiprocated for others. Everybody is unique in their own way, our abilities do not limit what we can achieve. I hope I can make their voices heard and make them feel valued. 

Welfare Officer – Andrew Wade

I’m Andrew and having never run much before, I started running in 2020 to become fitter and challenged myself to run the Reading half marathon. After running around Tilehurst and Reading on my own for two years, I thought I’d join a running club and I’m really glad I joined Reading Joggers!

Since joining them in 2022, I’ve ended up running more regularly, including running off-road and on the track for the first time, attending parkruns, entering local 10k events and a few half marathons.  It’s been great to meet such a wonderful group of people who are so friendly and encouraging that have enabled me to enjoy running even more.

Joint Captain – Geoff White

I took up running in 2013 after a health scare.  Some people I met on an alpha course inspired me to enter Reading half marathon.  So I later pitched up at the start line on a cold March morning in 2014 and ran it for the first time.  As I crossed the finish line, I gave thanks and felt a sense of achievement and wanted to do it again.  Shortly after that, I joined Reading Joggers and have been a member ever since and have never looked back.  It is a friendly club with lots of amazing, encouraging and inspirational runners.  I particularly enjoy trail running – muddy and wet works for me!  The sight of deer in a field or a carpet of bluebells in some woodland does something to me, it draws me closer to creation.  Perhaps you might like to join me one Saturday morning for a run along the Thames or round the Roman Wall at Silchester.

Joint Captain – Neil Woodroof

I’ve been a club member for over 18 years now and have met some wonderful people.  It is a very welcoming and inclusive club with a mix of runners of all abilities, who are always willing to help and support others.

Joint Captain – Charlotte Bates

Becoming club captain is an absolute honor and an opportunity to help others as the club has helped me.  I joined Joggers in 2020 and since then have gained so much knowledge which has helped me improve my running from a way to get out and be active to achieving some great milestones which I never thought possible.  I’ve met so many new people who have become great friends.  

We are a friendly and welcoming club open to all abilities.  I’m now hoping to share my love for running with new members and organise more social runs followed by much earned treats at the cafe/pub after! When I’m not running I’m always kept on my toes by my daughter! 

Social Events Secretary – Paula Lees

Hi there! My name is Paula and I’m very happy to be the Events Secretary for Reading Joggers.  I am a very enthusiastic member who joined in 2020.  I enjoy organising social events and meeting new people from all walks of life.  

Our club is so welcoming of anyone no matter what level your running is which is why I joined. I am always open to new ideas for inclusive things for us all to do that are first and foremost great fun which may or may not include running.  It is of course a bonus if we can include beer, wine or gin but we also do like a good family friendly event as well!

Assistant Social Secretary – Daniel Evans

I’m proud to be part of the social club committee.  My experience is plentiful as I think I’ve had a drink in most of the pubs within 10 miles of Reading, and if not happy to try some more.  Oh I also do a bit of running having first joined Reading Joggers in 1996.  Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have completed 12 marathons including the London 11 times as well as around 100 marathons which is why I’m probably a foot shorter than I was! So as long as we have the magic words ‘pub’, ‘run’ and ‘fun’ – I’m up or it! Any suggestions welcome, I especially enjoy exploring the bridleways and footpaths Reading has to offer so give me a shout if you wish to join me! By the way did i say ‘I like going to the pub?!’. 

Social Media Secretary – Leanne Smith

I’m Leanne and I’ve been running for about 10 years.  I started running by taking part in 2013 Reading half marathon to get fit and raise money for charity after losing my grandad to Alzheimers.  I had said previously I would never run further than a half as it was such a challenge, but I later joined Reading Joggers in 2019 and since meeting so many inspiring athletes I have completed many running challenges that I never would have imagined possible!  Racking up the miles with friends in a club is so much more sociable and my times have greatly improved too. 

Social Media Secretary – Bothwell Jonesy

I have been with Joggers on and off for about 7 years. Joining the club has made my life better both mentally and physcially. I have managed to lose weight and become fitter. Secondly, my mental health and social skills have greatly improved through the fun runs we do and group social gatherings we hold.  What are you waiting for, come and join the Joggers Family!