Winter Handicap

Following on from the success of the Summer Handicap, I am pleased to announce that the Winter Handicap will be running again.
This is a set of 6 runs over winter on the same mixed trail/road course, each runner is assigned a handicap and the idea is to beat it. Your handicap is then adjusted for the next event.
You have to do 3 or 4 (if new to the event) runs to be eligible for the prize.
Sadly last years event was very truncated due to Covid, therefore I will roll over the prizes (which were already rolled over from 2019!)
This will be on Sunday mornings with the following dates (provisional after the 1st event). Start is Pangbourne Rec RG8 7BY
30/10/22 – 1st runners away at 9.20 am
These dates will clash with something for someone, but if I’ve missed any big clashes with local races let me know and I’ll try to reschedule after the 1st one.
The course will be the same as last year.
This is a lovely 7 mile route starting from Pangbourne Rec, heading up to Purley, followed by a lap of Sulham Woods and a fast downhill finish. Trail shoes advised.
Some members usually meet for a coffee/hot breakfast item afterwards
The course will be fully marked with flour and maps will be available.
All competitors are requested to sign up to Facebook events for each race (or email the club beforehand)
-This event can only happen with the help of some volunteers to mark the course and or timekeep. I have a markers guide with lots of photos!
The jobs each week are:
-Marking section 1: approx 2 mile linear stretch from Pangbourne to Purley, 4 bags of flour
-Marking section 2: Approx 2 mile loop in Sulham woods – 6! bags of flour
-Timekeeper/coordinator (usually I’ll do this and marking 1)

The marking jobs require you to be done by 9.20 am at the latest. There are no problems with marking and running if you are an early bird.
Hopefully this all makes sense! – please catch me on a Tue/Thur if any questions
Please save the dates and have a think about volunteering for one of the events.