Berkshire Healthcare Charity

Thank you for selecting Berkshire Healthcare Charity as your Charity of the Year for the upcoming year. We are excited to collaborate with you and your running club over the next 12 months to make a significant impact on mental health in Berkshire. 

As advocates for both physical and mental well-being, we are eager to work together to support various essential services and projects provided by our dedicated teams. Your partnership will help us enhance the quality of life for individuals and families across Berkshire, specifically the services we offer at Prospects Park Hospital. 

Supporting Mental Health Initiatives with Healthcare Charity

We look forward to collaborating on fundraising events, awareness runs, and other opportunities to promote mental health awareness. Your support will help us increase our visibility and help raise awareness, fostering greater community support and engagement. 

Fundraising Manager, Joanne Ramsay added ‘We are so excited to be supported by the team, Reading Joggers, this partnership is a great way for us to raise awareness in the charity’s first year, Thank you again for your support’ 

Together, we can run towards better mental health outcomes and build a more supportive community. Thank you once again for choosing Berkshire Healthcare Charity as your Charity of the Year. We are excited about the positive impact we can achieve together in 2024 and beyond. 

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