1.0 Introduction

Reading Joggers (RJ) is a running club that focuses on running, coaching and small social event organisation. In addition to these activities RJ is able to raise money for good causes via fund raising events. 

2.0 Selection of charity partner

The club will select a new charity partner for 12 months running from AGM to the next AGM in the following year. 

These rules aim to cover all potential scenarios and are based on the number of members and historic fundraising efforts of the club. 

The Committee will review these rules if the size of the membership changes significantly or if the amount of money raised increases significantly.  This is especially pertinent around the management of the monies raised and how they are handled.

2.2 Criteria for Charity 

The charity should be based in or around Reading and its suburbs and offering services that impact the local community. The Charity should conform to the Constitution of the club.   Where possible the club will seek appropriate media engagement with the charity partner to assist fundraising and raise awareness of both parties.

3.1 Charity Organiser

There shall be a charity organiser each year. The charity organiser will be a volunteer that undertakes to organise the charity for the year following the RJ AGM. The charity organiser shall have been a RJ member for at least a year before the RJ AGM date.


 The Charity Organiser will work with the RJ Social Secretary to arrange fundraising events. The Charity Organiser will keep a record of all payments for the RJ Treasurer.


5.1 Before the RJ AGM

RJ members wishing to propose a charity (proposer) to be supported by RJ in the forthcoming year and thereby to volunteer as the Charity Organiser for the year shall notify RJ General Secretary of their intentions no later than 14 days prior to the RJ AGM.

Proposers shall include details of the charity they will propose at the AGM, including the charity’s registration with the Charity Commission, which General Secretary shall distribute to members prior to the AGM.

The Committee shall validate that supporting the proposed charity would not contravene any provisions of the club’s Constitution, which for example, requires the club not to be involved in politics or religion and be non-discriminatory.

5.2 At the RJ AGM

The candidate Charity Organiser shall present details of their proposed charity to the RJ members present at the RJ AGM. 

This will often involve the proposed charity bringing personnel and papers.

The RJ members present at the RJ AGM shall vote whether or not to accept the charity proposal for the coming year. The Charity Organiser and charity personnel shall be asked to leave the room while the “show of hands” vote takes place.

5.3 After the RJ AGM
The Charity Organiser shall organise the approved nominated charity for the year. 

Money collected and donated shall be banked by the Treasurer. 

The Treasurer shall keep account of all money raised and banked, providing statements of account to the RJ Committee and Charity Organiser upon request. 

The money raised throughout the year will be presented to the charity at the end of the financial year.

The Charity Organiser shall assure the Committee that the charity retains its registration with the Charity Commission and that there are no known factors that might militate against handing over the funds.


6.1 More than one charity proposal
Should there be more than one charity proposed, then each candidate Charity Organiser volunteer shall be given equal opportunity to make their presentation at the RJ AGM. All candidate Charity Organisers and charity personnel shall be asked to leave the room while the RJ members at the AGM discuss the charity proposals. This discussion will be concluded by a “show of hands” vote and one charity nomination accepted for the year.

6.2 No charity proposal
Should no proposals to support a charity be received prior to the AGM then there will not be a proposed and accepted charity for the year and no Charity Organiser leading RJ club fundraising efforts. Payments to a charity shall be suspended for the year.

6.3 Charity proposal made after the AGM
Should a candidate Charity Organiser propose a charity after the AGM then the RJ Club Committee shall decide the suitability of the proposed charity. Should the RJ Club Committee not approve the nominated charity then the situation shall revert to that given in 6.2. Should the RJ Club Committee approve the nominated charity then the situation shall revert to that given in 5.3 for the remainder of the year. Should such a proposal be rejected by the Committee, the General Secretary shall advise the unsuccessful proposer in writing of the decision and the reason for the rejection.

6.4 Other considerations
It is normal for RJ to follow the guidelines above and adopt a single charity for the year which all members will support.

However, it is accepted that individual members may wish to run a particular race and raise money for their own special charity. An example might be a race on the anniversary of a close relative passing away due to cancer. All possibilities cannot be covered here and the decision is left to the individual RJ member. These situations will be acceptable.

6.5 Extreme situations
In the event that the nominated charity becomes financially unstable during the year the RJ Club Committee shall work with the RJ Charity Organiser to resolve a best solution. All possibilities cannot be covered here.

6.6 Charity Organiser resigns
Should the Charity Organiser resign, leave the club etc part way through the year they will need to identify a new Charity Organiser who is willing to take on their role, if this doesn’t happen then all money collected to that point shall be paid to the nominal charity as detailed above. Any money collected for the remainder of the year shall be carried over to the following year unless a new Charity Organiser can be identified.