Gold Mug Awards

We are excited to announce that Reading Joggers is launching our brand new ‘2021 GOLD MUG AWARD!’

Every 6 weeks a member of the club will be recognised for something they’ve done – whether it be something original, gone above and beyond or just been an awesome Jogger! Members will have the chance to nominate someone and a name will then be selected by the committee. The winner will be presented with a unique Reading Joggers gold mug. Not only is this just any mug, it’s a collectors item!

October 2021

Congratulations to Geoff on being the latest recipient of the treasured Reading Joggers Gold Mug Award for October! 

Geoff has been recognised for his endless commitment and dedication in leading continuous run groups on Tuesday nights.

We really appreciate it and hope you can sit back and enjoy a tea in your new mug. 

Well done and thank you!

August 2021

The third Gold Mug Award in August went to Nick Steward.  Nick has been recognised for going above and beyond for club members. He has demonstrated flexibility by personally going out of his way to deliver kit orders to members houses and proactively looks at ways of how to expand our club merchandise. He always takes on board feedback from members and considers their requests and views when designing new kit. Nick is thoughtful and accommodating and a fantastic role model for the club!  Thank you Nick aka Del Boy for everything that you do! 


August 2021

The second Gold Mug Award in August went to Alix Nuttall who dedicated his time and effort in leading the brilliant couch to 5k programme. He spent 9 weeks encouraging and supporting those in their new running journey who are now active members of the club. He inspired others and helped them achieve their goal! Thank you and well done!

August 2021

The first Gold Mug Award in August went to Andrew Lenaghan who ran 5 miles a day every day for the whole of May in honour of his father James who passed away 31 years ago. He raised over £900 in sponsorship for MND Association, which is a charity campaigning for people affected with motor neurone disease. He showed true commitment and never lost sight of his goal. Well done!!

April 2021

Our second winner of the April Gold Mug Award goes to Finbarr Morley.  Finbarr went out of his way last month to help Margriet after she tripped awkwardly during an evening group run in the woods. Not only did Finbarr help carry her, he also arranged for his girlfriend Paula to bring a car and take her to the Royal Berkshire Hospital where she was treated for a broken ankle.

In addition to this they also went back via Tilehurst Triangle to pick up Margriet’s car where Finbarr drove it back before taking Margriet to the hospital!  Well done and a massive thank you to Finbarr and Paula for helping Margriet in her hour of need!

April 2021

We are delighted to announce TWO winners that have been recognised for April’s Gold Mug Award!  Our first winner is Athur Abbott!  Arthur has been recognised for all his hard work over the years. He has shown continuous dedication and commitment by providing weekly coaching sessions to our members without fail. 

Arthur is one of our longest standing members who is pivotal to the cub and highly contributes his expertise. He has created various training plans, offered valuable advice and consistently shares his wealth of knowledge on running techniques with our members. He is very supportive and patient, and strives to get the best out of people by helping them maximise their potential in the sport.

Congratulations and thank you Arthur for everything you do for the club. Your help and support is invaluable and has not gone unnoticed!

March 2021

Congratulations to Andrea in our March Gold Mug Award!  She has been recognised for being highly proactive and not being afraid to get stuck in as joint Club Captain! 

Furthermore she has shown kindness, encouragement and support to her fellow runners, whilst offering them advice along the way in their running journeys.  Andrea is very thoughtful and enjoys sharing her passion for the sport with others. 

Well done and thank you for your contribution!


February 2021

Congratulations to Carys who is the winner of our February Gold Mug Award!
In February we suggested a focus on Keyworkers and Carys was voted by our club members as the winner in recognition of her continued engagement in running, attending training sessions and helping others through Covid-19. Whilst also working in A&E and taking on extra hours to help administer the vaccines.

Thank you for all that you do in the community!

January 2021

We are delighted to announce that Mary Wilson is our first winner of our Gold Mug Awards! Mary generously gives us her time to organise and run our weekly training sessions in all weathers and virtually online. A thoughtful and caring colleague who keeps a kind eye on us all!

She has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure the club has stayed motivated in and out of lockdown. Some of the things she has organised have included hosting virtual abs session via Zoom for 10 weeks and interval sessions together with the recordings of the instructions and locations. Her help has gone a long way.

Furthermore she has also coached sessions on a Thursday night when permitted without fail. As a result this has shown true dedication, commitment and loyalty to the club which has not gone unnoticed! She is a real asset to the club!