Summer Handicap 1

36th Reading Joggers Summer Handicap Series 2023
Prospect Park
2.5 miles
The First Summer Handicap of the 2023 season – 1 lap 2.5 miles
We meet at the Main Car Park in Prospect Park, at 1900 Hrs, which is accessed via the Liebenrood Road Entrance
The route is all on paths/pavements and turns will be marked with chalk. It is mostly flat with a few short rises.
A flashy video produced by Dan Evans is linked here –
The aim will be to get the first runners away at 19:20 with groups following at 2 minute intervals.
Rough starting groups will be posted nearer the time.
Volunteers are welcome and its great if the same people don’t have to do it every time. The roles are straightforward (and very similar to park run!)
-Timekeeping with a simple smartphone app
-Handing out finish tokens
-Keeping the register at the start and finish

The event is finished.


13 Apr 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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